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Laurel: " I have always struggled with being a big girl and hit my highest weight ever during the first few months of quarantine. I could no longer look at myself in pictures, and I didn’t want to be in them. It broke my heart. So, I decided to use this time to dedicate to getting myself back on track, joined Jordan’s Challenge. I’m now in my third Jordan Challenge in a row and have gone from 243lbs to 213lbs-Goodbye to 30lbs, and hello new take on life! Jordan’s kindness, patience, expertise, and passion for coaching has literally changed my world."

Laurel Snight

Amy Beth: "Didn't think I had the drive, the willpwer, nor the know how achieve and be accountable for these type of results on my own,. You don't need a friend to do this with you, I couldn't get anyone to join with me. I found happiness, I found grit and spark I was missing. I enjoy this new healhty lifestye of clean eating, a gym regimen, and most importanlty knowing my worth. You'll see physical and mental changes if you dedicate yourself to this program. You migh tlose fat, weight, and your desire for the poor food choices and binge eating,. You might gain knowledge, desire, confidence and compliements. A desicion that cost me a hundred bucks landed me a new mindset, a body I love and winning her first ever $10,000 prize. Jordan this program has chnaged my life, thank you for the support throughout!!!"

Amy Beth

Gina: “I have always had a passion for fitness, but I was inconsistent and for years I struggled with getting the results I was striving for. In November 2018, I finally signed up for my first challenge and it was a game changer. Jordan is so uplifting and encouraging and dedicates so much time to perfect her challenges. With having a meal plan to help learn what I was putting in my body while pushing myself in the gym, I finally was seeing progress. I have continued to do her challenges and just completed my 10th challenge with @jordanke. In the last 2 years I have gained so much confidence and have developed a healthy mindset with working out. This is now my lifestyle. I am so proud of myself and I cannot thank Jordan enough for that.”

Gina Currie

Hakim: "After working as a fitness instructor, I injured my back and found out I have degenerative disc disease which sidelined me for almost two years, going to physical therapy and trying to rehab it. Well, not being able to workout for so long, along with the medication that was prescribed to me, I gained weight and wasn’t in shape anymore. As a trainer myself, it weighed heavily on me. I was already following Jordan on Instagram and noticed she kept hosting these fitness challenges. I emailed her and explained who I am and my injury. My Doctor cleared me to exercise again and I joined! the amount of support from the Community that Jordan has built is amazing. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals filled with positivity really helped me along the way. it was extremely difficult and I was extremely hard on myself because I was in really good shape before the injury. But the past 11 months I have been doing Jordan‘s challenges has helped! Just when I thought it was over, you never know who you are going to meet in life to help you. I’ve also met some wonderful people along the way making some really cool friends too. Thank you Jordan for everything you have done and for the support you have given the community."


Elizabeth: "Hi Jordan!I I wanted to update you on my status. I honestly really appreciated your video this week regarding off days. I am afraid not much (weight wise) has changed here. I went camping last weekend with friends, which we don’t get to do that often and lived it up.I came back a pound heavier and felt so guilty, but honestly am not allowing that to get to me anymore.I had a blast as always and wouldn’t change a thing. Life is also meant to be lived! This challenge is not a quick crash course to loose weight. It’s something I want to continue to grow with and adapt to.I am working out and following the macros. I am just happy to keep this process going! My weight today was 141. Thank you for your time as always! You are the best! Much respect, Elizabeth"

Elizabeth Pope

"Jordan, Thank you, thank you so much for this challenge!!! I have learned so much!! You encouraged me and gave me the education I needed and I pushed harder than I thought I could every day for 4wks! I have regained my confidence and for that I am so proud and I can’t express my gratitude. Thank you for what you’ve done and continue to do! I will be carrying all that I’ve learned forward and keep getting better everyday! Have a wonderful day"


"Laurie: I had an amazing experience this past month and I am inspired to change my lifestyle. I lost 7 pounds and 4% body fat. It was challenging having five children at home remote learning and working 50+ hours a week, but I did not miss a work out. So grateful for having the opportunity to participate in your program. I had emailed you before asking if you did post pictures if you could post the one in the black, not the white as the ones in the white ate a little embarrassing, but show more change over the time. I am so happy my fat roll is gone, which you can see you in the white bathing suit. If it comes down to the possibility of winning first or second place, I will suck it up and you can post the white pictures if necessary. Thanks again. "

Laurie Dickens

Chelsey: "Jordan, before entering your challenge I have always been active. I have played sports my entire life, and even played collegiate volleyball. After college, I started working and “adulting” and lost track of my weight and didn’t have “time” to workout. I soon found myself overweight and incredibly unhealthy. Your workouts and meal plans have taught me nearly everything I need to know about the gym and nutrition. You also taught me that this is a lifestyle change and not a quick fix.I have gained so much confidence and knowledge, and I’m so thankful I have such a awesome mentor like you! Thank you kindly

Chelsey Berton

William: "Completing Jordan’s March challenge has not only sparked my motivation to get back into fitness but has truly helped me to discover how successful I can be when I set goals for myself. Jordan’s challenges instill accountability not only to diet and working out but all aspects of daily life. I highly recommend joining one of her challenges and see how great you can become."

William Whaley